Sea Salt Caramel 12/5/2020

Servings: 20
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins




Milk Side

Bring to Just a boil stirring constantly until very well combined.

Sugar side

  1. Combine in to a VERY heavy bottom, very TALL pan, that is SQUEEKY CLEAN,
  2. DO NOT STIR, SWIRL until the mix is Carmel colored, but not burned
  3. Do not stop swirling,
  4. combine milk side into sugar side quickly, standing back pour milk side all at once, scraping out, wait for it to settle down ( < 1 minute),
  5. then stirring CONSTANTLY, bring up to exactly (+/- one degree) 248 dF. Over and you get hard candy, under it will be gel.
  6. VERY QUICKLY. Pour into mold!

Now LEAVE IT ALONE do not touch it, do not clean up the mold, do not move it, do not, do not.

Two hours later, cover TIGHTLY with parchment paper, transfer to fridge, portion when cool.

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