Handy Helpers for MSTest 8/24/2019

I love MSTest and now that it works in .NET Core, I ported a lot of my handy helpers, and here they are.

Timer for MS Test

Put in a `using` block to time the contents of a test block

Drain for ILogger

`Microsoft.Extension.Logging` is great, and to hook up your code the injects `ILogger` I write this little helper.

Assert Helper for Testing Property Serialization of DTOs

DTOs are often used over the wire to move state around especially in REST-ful services. I like JSON for many scenarios but had some occasional issues with serialization issues e.g. the message when it arrives does not match what is sent. So I wrote this. It's also great for testing properties in bulk

Object serializer for MSTEST

Output your objects into MSTEST output as JSON

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